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Your extensions should be as unique as you

Your hair is unique. Your extensions should be too. By working with multiple sources in several different donor countries we are able to match your natural hair's texture. No body wants to get caught with straight hair and curly extensions, or curly hair with straight, stringy extensions sticking out.

Imagine you were in a fender bender and your car's hood needed to be replaced. Would you go to a mechanic who only worked with a single car manufacturer? What if your car was a different make than the one that shop carries? Would you be ok with a Honda hood on your Ferrari??? Of course not.

So why would you go to a hair extension stylist who only works with one manufacturer? Did you know the majority of salons carry only one brand of hair extensions? Why???? Because once upon a time a sales rep came to the salon and spoke to the owner and convinced them that they were the nest/ cheapest/ fastest/ or easiest. Fun fact: Each extension supplier sources their hair from one of three regions: India, Asia, or Eastern Europe (think old Soviet Block countries). Each donor region has their own unique attributes and strengths (speaking in generalities here, of course). European hair will blend seamlessly for most finer haired clients and comes in a beautiful array of blondes and reds, however the high cost, politics, and lack of supply prevents most customers in the US from accessing it. Asian hair is readily available and cost effective. It tends to be naturally straight and strong. Asian hair can hold up to lots of bleaching making it exceptionally good for clients with straight hair in any color. Indian hair is the only commercially viable source of ethically sourced hair due to the culture around hair donation in Hinduism. Indian hair generally has much more texture than Asian and easily blends with wavy to curly hair even when air dried. However due to the general lack of protein it is prone to damage if bleached or colored excessively. Then, to complicate things further, each individual company that manufactures the extensions have their own strengths and weaknesses. Long story shortened.... We did the hard work of investigating and sourcing hundreds of vendors so we could find the best options for our clients. We are loyal to you, not a brand.

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