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The perfect brow shape for you

The perfect brow shape for your face may not be the one you like the best. Not every facial structure is best served by a high arch and thick brows. There are as many brow shapes as faces but some general guidelines can balance out the proportions and create a sense of harmony.

General facial structure

Long face: A flat brow, avoid high arches

Round face: Angular brow with high tails to create height, avoid rounded brows

Square face: High arches with high tails, similar to a round face but avoid sharp edges, strong brow can offset a strong jawline.

Oval face: Medium arches with balanced tails

Eye position and size

Wide set eyes: Brows should be slightly closer together than one eye length, soft brows are your friend

Close set eye: Brows should be slightly farther apart than one eye length

Close set eye: Brows should be slightly farther apart than one eye length, avoid thin sharp shapes

Large eyes: Thick soft colored brows will balance out large eyes without over emphasizing

Small eyes: Darker thinner brows with a high arch will give some contrast but not make eyes look smaller in comparison.

High forehead: High arches with elongated higher tails

Large nose: Make sure that your brows are not too far apart

I hope this helps a bit in choosing the best shape for your brows. Still confused? Make an appointment for a consultation.

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