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Beware: All microblading techs are not certified

Believe it or not the laws in many states and counties do not require a certification to leave permanent lines on your face!

Permanent makeup's super scary secret

I recently spent an inordinate amount of money to learn the art of microblading. I won't share how much, but let's just say my significant other thought I was off my bean. This was a huge investment to ensure I knew EXACTLY what I was doing before cutting into my client's faces. This certification included safety measures and contraindications. We learned how to properly map out the brow line, choose the proper color, proper pigment placement and pressure, stroke patterning, and most importantly universal precaution methods for infection prevention. When preparing to actually put my new found skills to work I called the county health department... this is when things got strange, here is our exact conversation.

The very kind and knowledgeable woman on the other end of the line says "There are no requirements for permanent makeup or tattooing in our county."

To which I replied "So you are telling me that someone could order supplies off of Amazon, watch some YouTube videos, and start tattooing people?".

"Yes" she replied, "the laws have not caught up with the reality of the situation."

"So is there a state agency that I can call to see what requirements they have?"

"No, the state left tattooing to the counties to regulate, soon we should have some regulations but not yet."

Freaking terrifying right??? Luckily, I did my training in a county which has very stringent laws and regulations on permanent makeup and tattooing so I have their written guidelines to follow.

This begs the question though... is everyone doing the right thing? Do they have the proper education? Sanitation techniques? Experience?

Before going under the blade, or tattoo machine please make sure you know that they know what they are doing.

Be safe and stay beautiful.

Do not hesitate to ask your technician about their credentials and infection prevention methods.

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