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Do you have naturally oily skin?  Visible pores, baby faced after 40, prone to being shiny?  

Dry Healing Method for Oily Skin Types

Those clients with oily skin types will often find that the dry healing method is best because their skin produces more than enough oil to keep the area supple and heal itself. If you keep your brows clean and dry, only a thin film (not a scab) will appear in 7-10 days, DO NOT peel it off.  As the film peels on its own you may feel some dryness in this case you can add a tiny amount of grape seed oil or babassu oil to the area.  Otherwise no moisture. The addition of more oils and moisture will flood the area and the pigment will slide out. 

Day 1-4: Water or any other liquids are not to come in contact with the area.  Even a small amount of moisture can cause scabbing.  Two to three times a day disinfect the area with a small amount of Bactine (one light spray from a 6-8 inches away) be sure not to get into eyes.  Avoid heavy perspiration.

Day 4-7:  If dryness occurs and ONLY AFTER the 4th day you can gently dab a tiny amount of babassu or grape oil onto your brows with a clean fingertip.  No residue should visible. Avoid heavy perspiration.

Day 7-45: You can use a gentle soap or non-greasy cleanser.  No exfoliants or scrubs!

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